About Us

Think. Adapt. Develop.

The escido GmbH simplifies complex process driven scan, print, system and document management with affordable software that offers the ease of use customers need and the powerful features the largest enterprises demand.

Our applications are easy to download, install, configure, and deploy - no support services or help needed. That's why our solutions have become the preferred, do-it-yourself alternatives to complex, expensive products from other vendors.

We take a straightforward, customer-centric approach to software. Our customers' needs drive our product philosophy. And we've built a strong, in-house research and development team to support our product team and turn customer requests into product realities.

We take a simple, transparent approach to the business of scan, print, system and document management software. Our pricing has no hidden costs and is most flexible pricing model to date. Customers can download our products for a free 30 days trial, so they can make informed purchase decisions.

escido was founded in July 2014 by Christopher Niestroj and Stefan Ritter, two long term colleagues and friends who believe making software is something more than just "making software at the drop of a hat".

Our primary goal is simple - we create software that is as easy to use, as intuitive as possible while maximum complexity and flexibility at the same time. Further more, our programs are able to do things other programs can't do that well - or can't do at all - with outstanding performance.

In escido we develop advanced software to solve complicated problems and we continuously strive to make it increasingly easy-to-use, intuitive, logical, good-looking, efficient and reliable.

Simply - genuinely the better solutions...

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